In the bathroom

This morning I let the puppy out the back door around 6:30 for a pee. Then I fed him on the back deck, with the door closed so the older dog wouldn’t bother him. When he was finished, both dogs ran along the deck and down to the water to investigate whatever dogs investigate down at the water.. Then, they ran back along the deck to come back inside. They returned to the bedroom to jump on the bed and wake E up.

There is a point to this story, stick with me…

All of us were now up, we were getting ready for a trip to town. I returned to the bedroom to get dressed. Now, I have no curtains.. so when I get dressed I first take a look out the windows toward the water to see if there are any kayakers, or fishermen in the unfortunate position to see me in my nakedness….as you do…. All clear, I proceeded.

I won’t go into too much detail re the process but at the moment when I pulled my top up over my head and looked straight ahead for the first time to the picture window facing the rocks beside my bed. This is what I saw.

He had been laying there all morning, presumably all night. The puppy had eaten breakfast beside him and both dogs had run along the deck in front of him down to the water. Not only did neither of the dogs notice the deer but the deer didn’t run away.

This is a deer who can regularly be found up on the cliff behind our outhouse keeping an eye on the goings on down below at our house. I have seen him close to the house, sure, on many occasions but usually he disappears quickly when he sees the dogs or we get too close.

Apparently this fellow has decided to now take up residence outside our bedroom window. I should warn him there isn’t a lot going on in there but if he wants to hang out, that’s okay with me. I do think I might start getting dressed

in the bathroom

2 thoughts on “In the bathroom

    • We have a love hate relationship (he has wrecked the side of my apple tree this week rubbing his antlers) but I do love having him around……


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