but read books

I wasn’t going to write anything today, what with kids coming to visit and celebrations in the works for the twins birthday. DSCN1669

But I feel any confusion I might have left out there needs to be cleared up..

Point of fact, voices carry over the water. We can hear all of the conversations you are having while you kayak our beautiful coastline. I have heard about the problems you have had with your boss and your neighbour. I know your Christmas vacation plans and all about your husband/wife/spouses unwillingness to join you while you learn to kayak.

On the whole people are generally quite complimentary of the house as they take pictures. Well they have been this year. Last year, I heard a man quite arrogantly pronounce to his companions that our back deck was about to fall into the drink…But today was a first and I really do need to clear up any confusion I may have left you with.

Have I in any way left you with the impression that we sit about here all day with nothing to do, nothing to fix and no problems to solve? Have I implied this life is easy? That living off the grid is some sort of  lazy path to endless hours with idle chatter about the weather? Have I? If I have, I am very sorry, that is incorrect.

I was just putting the final icing on the first of two birthday cakes I am making this week, when a group of kayakers stopped beneath the house to chat and take pictures..  I heard one of them, perhaps the guide explain to his group that the house they were in front of (ours) is off the grid. The owners get their power from generators and solar panels. The water comes from wells. I was nodding to myself , yes, yes that’s right…

Then he said, and I shit you not……

Wouldn’t you like to live in a house like that? Do nothing all day

but read books….

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6 thoughts on “but read books

  1. First I have to say that anyone that spends time on the water or near the water knows that voices carry so that guy was being an idiot.
    I’m thinking that you should have a very large pail full of something not so nice to dump on the heads of those not so polite passers by! Lol!!
    Keep reading those books and eating those bonbons Moira. 👍🏻
    Wendy 😊


  2. We get our share of lookie-loos. And yes, their voices carry to us all the way from the Narrows about half a klick away. At our place my floating garden is a point of interest. Lots of slow passes with cameras. Some call out a greeting or a question, wave, but most just slowly pass cameras clicking away. I don’t mind. It’s kind of an honour for my self taught gardening skills. I even invited members of the garden club up to visit last June. Of course, we had to give them boat rides to get up to our place. Even that was fun for Wayne, well maybe not so much after the third round trip in one day. – Margy


    • What do you tell them? I usually admit to a fair bit of socializing. There is always someone stopping by to borrow something or share something…which of course requires a cup of coffee or tea or glass of wine…… I spent the day yesterday trading plums around the island…. took forever since I had to have a visit with everyone….. nice life…..,


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