our lucky number

Pick a number between one and ten. You probably always pick the same number. Your lucky number, if you will. The number you always picked for your team jersey. We all know Gretsky’s and Lindens. E wore eight on his hockey jersey. IMG_0034

Mine was 22. The number on my cloakroom hook all the way through elementary school. Alphabetically, I was the 22nd in my class. Probably academically too, but we don’t need to dwell on that, let’s move on…

The weather continues to “force” us to read, nap and take these days off from chore duty. I have read two books this week which I feel I can recommend. They are very different from my normal fare. One was recommended to me by Alison next door. Written by Gail Honeyman “Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine”. It reminded me slightly of “The Rosie Project” by Graeme Simsion which I also thoroughly enjoyed.

I began “Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine” at 10 am last week and finished it at 5:30 pm the same day. One of those great days in the shade, expectantly turning every page of a book, enjoying myself thoroughly.  I accomplished virtually nothing else all day. A good read.

Today, I finished a book from my sister-in-laws book club on the North Shore. They have the best reading list!. It was by Kate Morton, “The Secret Keeper”. Again, I thoroughly enjoyed it. She is an Australian author, not normally in my radar as her book jackets suggest to me she would be all romancey and shit but… to my liking there was a murder in the first chapter and I was hooked. I will give her other books a shot and try to be a bit more open-minded.. Not judging books by their flowery covers and all…

As much as E and I enjoy these lazy days together, living our best lives, enjoying the moment, not putting off til tomorrow and all the other clichés. We are ever reminded of what brought us here. To this day, to this place. Nothing more important than our kids, their health, each other, our health, our friends and their health.. Money, savings, possessions.. all irrelevant.. It’s the today and the now that counts.

Yesterday, our Doctors and the support staff at the St. Paul’s hospital transplant clinic celebrated their 500th heart transplant. 500 people out there with a second chance!  E was number 163, March 22, 2000.

Forever more, 163 is our lucky number



8 thoughts on “our lucky number

  1. David is quite the salesman. I see his books around in gift shops as well. I’ve been reading quite a bit as well, mostly science fiction right now. Nothing I could recommend, but enjoyable just the same. We’ve been boating quite a bit around Campbell River and around the islands. Once we stop and anchor, or pick a marina, the books come out. – Margy


    • Okay, okay, I’ve ordered it.. I’ll let you know when I get it……..and if it was worth the price of a bottle of wine… 😉


  2. That is fantastic – 500! And yesterday, a friend and colleague of mine received a new kidney which is working well! A reminder to us all to check our organ donor status as well as let our family members and doctors know our wishes. Although I wonder if there is anything usable left in me….


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