In this together

In what seems like a lifetime ago, we poured foundations under our house as the first step of an eighteen month,   life long project to renovate this house. A very large gang of our friends came out on a cold March morning to heave that pail and tote that bucket. Much like the barn raising days of old, it is “what is done”.

We seem to have been on a prolonged receiving end of the give and take, pay it forward attitude this island enjoys. Hopefully, with a very long lifetime ahead for us here, we will have plenty of time to repay the hours of labour our friends have willingly provided.

Our neighbour is now building a gen shed worthy of withstanding the possibility, if unlikely, of the upcoming zombie apocalypse. Stacked cinder blocks were used to initially build the walls. Yesterday, twelve of the herniated, bad backed, arthritic, sore shouldered, bum footed islander men happily converged on the property in their favorite cement pouring ensemble.  They filled the walls with cement and then poured the cement roof. Many hands make the work possible for this group, average age sixty-five.. Oldest just eighty,  the youngest in his early fifties… One guy showed up who has only lived on the island for five days…. A pulley, in the trees was rigged to deal with the height issues for the roof.

They met at eight am.. Two cement mixers going at once. Eleven bags of cement and 2.5 yards of navy jack later, they were finished by eleven-thirty. Hamburgers on the barby,  for everyone as a thank you and they were all at their homes by noon. Likely, hot showers and Robaxacet for everyone. A good mornings work with buddies for a good friend and neighbour.

Everyone is more than happy to show up and pitch in, if they can..

We are all, as it seems,

in this togetherimg_0315-3

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