midnight and 7AMw

I will be completely honest here. Although, I try desperately to be a nice person, I am often unsuccessful. Take for example, my reaction to the weather forecast for this weekend, I am delighted that rain is expected.

I know, I know. It is the long weekend. Everyone is expecting guests. Everyone has plans. Our islanders are looking forward to an outside concert on Saturday night and on Sunday there is a potluck lunch with the annual AGM, at the field next to the fire hall. All activities which will be less fun for everyone if it is raining.

But my plants are dying, my trees are brown, the pond water level is dropping. I can’t bathe or wash my dishes and we are down to 400 gallons of water in our tanks.. The new puppy alone, drinks a gallon a day.


E remembered that on the July 1st weekend, we had some rain and we captured the water in the tank under our house from the rain water catchment system. Not enough to trigger the pump and move the water up to the top of the hill but there was some.. So E went under the deck and forced the pump on. Once the deck tank was empty we checked the tanks up top and we were up 250 gallons.

We now have 650 gallons of water to last us the summer. But, and its a big but, there is rain forecast for this weekend and we have the opportunity of catching maybe another 250 gallons. That could make the difference of whether we have canned tomatoes to eat in the winter or not… An occassional personal shower in August would be nice too… Not so much for us, as for our friends who have to sit near us…

It is 7pm and 30 degrees in the house. A little rain would go a long way in clearing up the stagnant air. I am not a hot weather girl… I am a smelly, rainy weather girl who really needs some water in my tanks.

I will be selfishly hoping this weekend that we get a ton of hard rain. In an ongoing effort to be empathetic and nice to my friends, with all of their long weekend plans, I will hope for them, that the predicted rain comes between

midnight and 7AM.

DSCN4370 (2)

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