our Community Association

We have a Community Association which essentially began and continues to exist, to protect our island from the devastation of a wild-fire.

The islanders pooled their talents and money and with a lot of financial support from BC Lotteries we built and maintain an amazing volunteer fire department.

We have a gorgeous fire hall on leased land (very generous terms). We have a fire truck with of all the equipment for both fire fighting and emergency medical aid which one could need. We have  two defibrillators, back boards, wheelchairs, and crutches.

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Fundraising includes an annual raffle of an afghan or quilt made by the talented women of the island.

Recent fundraising has gone toward the purchase of eight 2000 gallon water tanks. These tanks are placed strategically around the island and filled during the winter from the island pond. This addresses the likelihood of needing to suppress a fire on the island, in the late summer months when wells are dry and personal storage tanks empty.

The mandate of our volunteer fire department is to contain any wildfire until BC Wildfire can get here. They are meant to try to keep things under control not to fight structure fires. To that end, we have enabled at least thirty of our islanders to take the S100 course in basic fire suppression. We have also supported twenty or so residents to get their basic first aid. Fire practices are held bi-weekly during the summer. Everyone is welcome to attend,  and we are fortunate to be led by one of our residents who is a retired BC Fire Chief.


I, personally, think the men and women who fight wildfires are awesome, and I would say that, even if my son wasn’t one of them. He is currently deployed and we work very hard at not worrying about him… !!!

Anyone living in these conditions is acutely aware of the danger which these ongoing temperatures create for our island. Today, our neighboring island was saved by their volunteer department and three BC wildfire helicopters and their crews who attended. I am so sorry for the family who lost their home but grateful the island was saved. A scary reminder for us all.

We are very proud of our volunteer Fire Department. Not bad at all for an island of 450 acres, 180 properties, 90 cabins and 80 paid up members in

our Community Association


4 thoughts on “our Community Association

  1. It is good that you have enough volunteers and even some with excellent experience and training. This time of year fire danger is always high, but each year it seems that the hot spells get longer and the wet spells get shorter (or nonexistent). Unfortunately, visitors don’t always understand how critical the danger can be and don’t listen to fire bans or take precautions to avoids sparks that could ignite an inferno. – Margy


  2. Just up on holidays at Seclusion Bay , next door to Peachland. We have been here since the lightning and thunderstorm rolled through on Tuesday night July 17th ! Thirteen fires were started and we have watched and witnessed the lightning strikes . The fire took hold of the provincial park across from us and down the lake from Peachland to Penticton. It has been an apocalypse here ! But the brave firefighters land and sky have been beyond incredible! Risking their lives to put out the flames to keep communities safe . My thanks to them all !


    • Terrible site to see. My son is in an initial attack crew. jumping out of helicopters after lightening strikes. He doesn’t tell me many details…..


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