if you will

As a person who rarely attended science class in high school, I am unable to tell you anything about the life cycle of an eagle. Since moving here though, I have picked up a few things watching the avian family next door.

Small Fry ( Glenn Frey, the Eagles … get it?) was a baby when we moved here. He had absolutely no white markings on his head. We watched him over the last five years as his head eventually became completely white and he is beautiful, if not somewhat whiney. Lately, he and the peregrine falcon spend a good portion of the day bickering. Why an eagle is afraid of a falcon, one-third his size, I couldn’t tell you but there you go.. I’ve never seen it happen before.  The bickering has been going on constantly all summer. Apparently it’s a thing. I will try to get a video of one of their battles in the tree by our garden for you.

Today, after lunch there was a huge black bird swooping around the water off our deck. Wasn’t the ugly turkey vultures, too big for a hawk or falcon. I got the camera (as you do) and got a picture of him walking around on the cliff at the cut.

I would like to introduce you to Deacon, the latest cast member of the nature channel show. I look forward to sharing his progress with you. Here is his three-month picture. His nature channel head shot, if you will




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