hear my snoring

Okay, I tried. I really tried. But, the truth is, my ability to write is directly affected by my commitment to abstinence.  I just do not feel comfortable putting pen to paper (metaphorically) without a glass of red next to me.

I don’t drink when I’m Grandparenting and since my sweet wee one left I have been under the weather …. Hence, the lack of blog postings lately.  But honestly… to heck with it… I’m supposed to up my fluids and isn’t one fluid the same as another.. water, wine.. Just a sec… I am getting a glass of wine… don’t tell anyone……

Now, I expect the words will just flow……

Life has returned to some semblance of normal. If you were to visit us, and look around the place, you would think we are in the middle of a renovation. But, we have chosen to close our eyes to the unfinished siding, unbaseboarded walls, and the unframed windows.  The deck railing is safe enough but not as good as it will be when the metal channels go on the posts… We have chosen to ignore it all and enjoy the summer.

It has been terribly hot lately with more heat on the way. Fortunately, living on the edge of the water we have had more than enough wind to keep us comfortable. Too much wind some might say as travel has been difficult.

We choose to consider ourselves still in the process of setting up the rain water collection project as the water tanks are still empty. We couldn’t possibly start a new project until it is done. By my estimate, that will be in the fall when the tanks are full.

In the meantime, I have been able to take time to harvest my lavender and make sachets out of the organza pockets I ordered on the google..


I tried to resume my second favorite pastime, reading but kept falling asleep. Either, I am reading the wrong book or I am still under the weather. In the mean time, I don’t think I have had this many afternoon naps since, well, since never. I’ll enjoy it while it lasts. There is something very satisfying about falling asleep sitting up in a rocker chair on the deck, in the shade with the water lapping at the rocks beneath me.

With the added advantage of the privacy our location provides ….no one can

hear my snoring


9 thoughts on “hear my snoring

  1. I’m about 80 kms away. The wind usually blows at between 10kmh and 30 kmh. I have ambient white noise. But I noticed a slight zzzxxxxx in the background…..I wondered what it was…..distant chaindaw….trapped animal….a constant car alarm?
    Now I know.


    • So happy I could clear that up for you!! I’m sure it will pass and your peace and tranquility will return… However, I have to say continuing this afternoon napping concept does tempt…..


  2. Enjoy your scans (senior citizen afternoon naps). Oh sorry not yet. You have a few years to go yet before you can have a SCAN.


    • That’s just it, I fear if my kids hear about this new pastime they are going to start looking for a home for me…. Also, if I’m sleeping whose going to make sure E isn’t wasting his day.. SCANS, I didnt know they had a name!!!!


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