Caught our breath

I am the first to admit that I might, occasionally, exaggerate just a little bit, every once in a while, maybe. In fact I might be the greatest exaggerator ever!

But, I would well be in the realm of accuracy if I told you that yesterday was incredible, of historic proportions here on the nature channel.

It was 8:30 in the morning as we listened to Mother Goose nursery rhymes and generally adored our grand daughter who had slept from 8 pm til 8am….. when there was an enormous splash at our window.

Not fifty feet from our deck an enormous humpback whale breached and flew through the air past our window. Not once, not twice but three times (there were probably two whales).

I had the baby on my lap and she is lovely but she is a very poor camera.

So I searched the internet to show you what we saw.

I did not take this picture but please consider it a very accurate representation of what we witnessed.

We still haven’t

caught our breath

2 thoughts on “Caught our breath

  1. Oh my gosh M, that must have been amazing! I would love to see that one day. I bet you loved having your granddaughter spend time with you. Hugs, Wendy. 😊


  2. Wow! What was a humpback doing in Stewart channel? If the Orcas are short of food in the south Salish Sea what are they living on.
    Sent from NW Scotland where Kirsty and I are doing a road trip in sunny weather, so unusual. But this country is beautiful in sunshine.


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