Okay by us

After living here full time for six years and the reno almost complete, our life has returned to what could be considered routine. The questions begs, what are we going to do with our time, going forward.

Many on the island spend the winter months travelling to warmer climates. Renting accommodations with power and heating. A bit more warmth, or a greater variety of activities.

E and I watched a few episodes of Anthony Bourdain, listened attentively to our friend’s adventures, considered brochures and websites. We even renewed our passports. But we couldn’t come up with one place we would rather be than here, in the spring, summer or fall and there is not one place we are interested in visiting during the winter.

Our options are limited by our interests vs. E’s health. Heart transplant patients are unlikely to get medical insurance for the Galapagos and if an emergency arose kayaking in the Antarctic.. well we would be hooped.

So we renovate to create our dream house and tuck in for twenty or thirty years on the nature channel. We are forty minutes from a hospital and an hour from the transplant team. It works for us.

What we don’t need or miss travelling the world, we get from our family and each other. Our family has always included two dogs. Except for the last three years, since Bacardi died at thirteen, we have always had two dogs.. E and I each want one on our lap when we are reading by the fire in the winter. My dog Sami is twelve.

Today, we picked up the newest member to the family. You will be able to find him, I am sure, firmly attached to E’s hip. Like Bacardi before him, a shadow following E around the property while he does his chores.

We needed another dog you see, because the truth is.. we are going no where and that is

Okay by us

8 thoughts on “Okay by us

  1. Oh congratulations! How exciting to get a new baby and he looks to be very happy with his new home. The joy on E’s face is priceless. Love it. What is his name?


  2. Right! Good on ya. We do not have the same medical umbilical issues but we share THAT time in life. I am 70. And we have been places. Lots. Tons. And I am not so sure I need much more travel. I like to think we have another trek but, to be honest, maybe not. The desire has waned. Tell the truth about what us. So, enjoying here, enjoying now, enjoying this is really, really very good still. Maybe the longest trip is Vancouver and Victoria…….so be it.


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