and start typing

I’ll preface with explaining last weeks dump of postings in your in-basket. My apologies. I was copying all of the blog into my hard drive and inadvertently re-posted a few old postings. The good news is all of the blog is now saved from pontential n’er do well Russian attackers. The bad news is,  I inconvenienced y’all.. Again, sorry!

On to important new stuff.. Ironically, one of the postings was about a previous attempt to quit drinking. Ironic, as I have just had my first sip of wine, indeed alcohol, in three weeks..

I stopped drinking three weeks ago, not so much as to “quit” but to make sure I could “quit” if I wanted. In this world of a cold beer after a long day working in the sun, followed by a G&T at gin-o-clock, Port at four, wine for dinner, followed by Baileys at the sunset, it is sometimes good to take stock and see if perhaps you might be drinking too much. Truth be told, yes I probably was. I certainly find it hard to write the blog without a glass of wine in hand.

When the kids were young, driving home from work on a Friday night I would rent two videos, buy six beer and a bottle of wine. E would drink three beer Friday, and three on Saturday and I would split my bottle of wine over the two nights. That was our entertainment… for years!!!

When on vacations, we were usually camping with the kids and we never took booze. While we were raising them, our time  was about them and at least one of us was sober at all times, usually both. At any given moment someone could have an ear infection and have to go to the ER in the middle of the night…We were fairly responsible parents..

But now it’s just us. E and I living a life which is essentially a working vacation. Hard not to open the bar, as the day progresses. But I have proved the point, and its my birthday this week and shit if I am not going to drink wine as I mark a new age…..Life is too short… I’m sure I will quit again, and again and probably again… I’m kind of an all or nothing kinda gal….

But I have sooo much to tell you.. We have had some major changes lately here on the nature channel and empowered with my wine glass in hand I can get back to my lap top

and start typing…







One thought on “and start typing

  1. Good. Great literature is filled with drinkers. I am not an advocate of drunkenness but I am a fan of uninhibited. Let it rip. And if you need a tot of relaxation to reveal what needs revealing, so be it.
    If you get stupid drunk, E will tell you. But, if you simply relax to let the creative juices flowing, blame societie’s inhibiting layers. It not you, it’s them.
    And, for the record, I’ve been known to imbibe now and then myself.


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