need more seed

Busy week. We had to go up island to get the new water tank and supplies for the rain water catchment system. It took E three days, two while swearing repeatedly to install the tank under our deck and then hook the pipes from our down spouts to the tank. So we are all hooked up and if it should start to rain at least the water can be captured in the newly installed 500 gallon tank.

Now he has to wire the pump, lay the pipes to the upper water tanks and then install three more filters…. no sweat….. 🙂

The garden is running smoothly now. Other than watering the vegies, there is nothing much else I have to do but wait for the bounty. In the meantime, I can sit in the flower part of the garden and enjoy the tranquility and aromas.  I will post pictures this week.

I have dragged the sewing machine out and almost finished a quilt for our granddaughter. Nothing fancy but nice to make something for her.

We have had a ring necked turtle dove arrive at our property. He has been around for four days… Not sure if this is where he meant to spend his summer. He looks a little lost.

We had four American Gold finch couples hanging around on the deck. Now they are teaching their babies how to feed off our feeders.. I am going to

need more seed

DSCN4988 (2)

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