and a baby

When we have guests here on the nature channel we always hope the stars of the show will appear. We can usually rely on the otter, seal and eagles to cooperate but the whales are temperamental and show up only when they feel like it.

But whether they show or not… sitting on the new deck is more than pleasant with plenty to entertain…

We took the May long weekend off to enjoy a visit with our family. We usually save heavy lifting jobs for when our sons are here and they expect to be conscripted to hard labour. But for once, they were given, in fact we were all given the weekend off and we spent it enjoying a few hours with no chores!!!

I have been hesitant to plant my vegies until I was confident I would have water this summer. But we think we have a solution to our water issues so I was up in the garden at 8 am this morning to get the vegetables planted before the sun was too hot. Forty-five tomato plants, four zuchini, nine pumpkin, and a row of cucumbers were added to the peas, beans, lettuce, spinach and beets which were already in the ground.

We have ordered a rain water catchment system which E figures he can install fairly easily. The parts should be here early next week and if we give E a fairly reasonable work schedule, installed by the next week. With any luck there will be a heavy June rain at some point to fill a tank or two.

With our beautiful new metal roof it has become fairly obvious that capturing that free water is the solution. By the time the rainwater has gone through a German first flush diverter and then a vortex filter, then a particle filter, a charcoal filter and a UV filter it will be drinkable when it comes out of DSCN4681.JPGour tap.. We will get it tested just to be sure but we have every expectation that we are going to have water galore. One inch of rainwater will give us 500 gallons of water.

As we sat at dusk on the deck,  at the end of a perfect day with most of our family, we heard the magic sound we are always waiting for …. and there they were.  Three transient whales feeding in front of our house.. Two adults

and a baby.



4 thoughts on “and a baby

  1. Loved spending time on your new deck, Tuesday. Thanks for the chance to visit and see the amazing new home. Couldn’t even envision the old one.
    Flying home that afternoon we could see that the muddy Fraser water was lapping on the east shore of Valdez. The whole gulf was a sickly brown. The whales probably don’t like it either and are using Stuart Chanel instead. Maybe that’s why you are seeing so many.


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