thinks holy shit

Life , as I see it, is all about perspective. For example, from my perspective, E has installed gutters on our previous two suburban homes so…. from my perspective,  I think this gutter job will be a cinch.

It was raining yesterday so E didn’t want to be up on the ladder taking gutter measurements. Instead,  we did six sets of income taxes.. That is a less than joyful way to spend a day. As executors of our Moms’ estates we had to do two sets of taxes for each of them plus our own… My head was ready to explode when we were done and I would have been grateful at that point to go outside, even in the rain, and weed or dig or scream.. anything, but fill in forms.. Instead we spent the evening playing bridge and had way too much fun.

Today, with the rain paused, we took the opportunity to get some accurate measurements for the gutter guy. We found him on the neighbouring island and he will deliver the gutters to the public dock as we load them onto the boat. They won’t be heavy, but they will be long and awkward. We should have them by the end of the week and then E can install them when the weather is better.

As I said, from my perspective, it shouldn’t be too hard. But, from E’s perspective, he looks down from the scaffolding and

thinks “holy shit!”

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