to embrace rain

Hi, I know! Two blogs postings in two days, very impressive indeed. In truth, it is raining, again.. so I am taking a break from planting up the driveway rockery with Marion’s plant divisions because I confess, I am a fair weather gardener and it isn’t like I have nothing to do inside.

I turned to trying to find a proper place to put everything which we have so far brought down to the house. The studio and Anne’s garage are still full of unpacked boxes. I am getting to it! .. In the meantime, I found a large garbage bag tucked into the corner of the guest room closet.¬† The bag was full of our Christmas wrapping paper, a few ungifted presents and the family Christmas stockings. Either, I am a tad late for last year or really early for next year.

With the fascia now installed we are in the process of ordering our gutters and they should be here by the end of the week. E has installed gutters on our two previous houses, so we aren’t anticipating a difficult job.

With all of our well water issues this spring, and the addition of our gorgeous new roof we have now decided to add a rain catchment system to the current water system. Three of the four new gutter down spouts will feed into a 500 gallon tank under the deck. Then, it will automatically be pumped up to our regular tanks with a 120 volt transfer pump. It will not replace but enhance the current system. With our new roof we figure we should be able to capture maybe twenty thousand gallons of free water.

Finally, a reason

to embrace rain



5 thoughts on “to embrace rain

  1. Living on fresh water takes care of our water needs, but I did use a tarp and barrels up on the cliff to capture water for my potato patch. I can imagine getting water to your location is a challenge. – Margy


  2. Excellent idea to catch all that free water. Wish it was raining here on our island farther up the strait, but so far it is another dry southeaster, and our micro-hydro system can’t quite keep up with our electrical needs. And of course, no sunshine either, so solar panels are not helping much. I would truly embrace the rain myself if it would only arrive!


    • Have you not had the wet April we have had? Its been dreadful and we just realized its crazy to not try to capture some of all this wet and put it to use… Surely the weather is going to get better now.. I have things to do!!!


      • Yes, we did have rain earlier in the month, but then this recent heat wave, and now while it has been pouring with rain in Vancouver, and on your island, nothing here but a spit. I dream of a good solid rain about once a week, preferably at night, through the summer, to keep the garden watered and the micro-hydro system operating easily. Saving any water you can is a brilliant idea, just in case we have another droughty summer. I know what you mean about having things to do! Too many things, and feeling overwhelmed by it all, as usual at this time of year. One year I think I will plant a crop of potatoes, and take off for the rest of the summer, just to get away from all the fair weather chores! Cold again here, hoping for either rain, or sunshine soon!


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