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We had a new neighbour visit us yesterday.. He has the smartest plan I’ve ever heard for a new resident.. He is visiting his new neighbours for information on all of the individual systems we use and what we like or don’t like about them.. So many of us come to the island without a clue what we are doing and don’t ask for advise.. or worse we ask but don’t follow the suggestions.

Sure, all of our properties have different advantages or limitations. But I would like to invite you to tell us what system or choices you made that you are really happy with or one system which you wish you had done otherwise. How about just one.. Your favorite system or choice or the one thing you wish you had done differently.

You might have had to catch rainfall off your roof as you have no well, but what filter system did you use? Do you like it? If I recall correctly for Mary, she loves her huge pantry.

I will start us off.. At our other property on the island the only thing I would have changed and what drove us absolutely mad was the open stone fireplace. A fireplace is useless in this environment. You need an airtight wood stove if you want to keep your house warm. That house was always freezing.

I don’t like the airtight stove opposite the view window as they often are. Placed in the centre of the room for efficiency purposes.. I want the fireplace, the view, the TV, and my book all within easy viewing from my favorite chair… I had to fight with the powers that be to get our new fireplace where I wanted it.. and I know it isn’t the most efficient placement… but the house is warm enough and I can see the fire and my view without turning around…

I’m tired tonight. We were building the new deck railing in the freezing hail and its difficult for me to put my Bailey’s down.. So this is your chance.. Enough about my house and it’s systems,

what about yours?

6 thoughts on “what about yours

  1. I too asked all my neighbors what worked for them but held off on each improvement as I believed I didn’t need that! But each time I added one say solar or indoor plumbing I was amazed how much they improved my life. The last one was hot water. Man I’m in heaven now and my neighbors appreciate that I shower too! And I got big points from the wife. Happy wife happy…….

    But in hindsight the first system was the most important. Good neighbors! And I’ve got them in spades. I could live without all the other systems but not without the good neighbors.
    And just to be clear M I did shower before the hot water went in.


  2. My pantry is wonderful, it was designed originally to get outdoor venting, but then we closed in the space under the house. Because it’s base is the solid rock, it does work well still, but is not a cold cellar in the summer. Alex’s favourite system was the solar hot water – it only operates when the sun is shining and circulates glycol in a closed system through two panels on the roof and then into a coil in a 100 gallon tank, pumped by a solar pump run by a designated photovoltaic panel.


  3. Like Mary, a huge outdoor pantry is brilliant for us. Ours is only 8 x 13 but, ideally, it would be 12 x 16 at least. We live on a severe slope and my funicular i cobbled together is essential. We have 2100 watts of solar but going to 3000 is next on the list. We have three gensets…all necessary. Two boats. Backup is better than one really good one. Redundancy is insurance. Two of everything. Best tip: double your insulation, too.


    • Can’t have enough insulation for sure. We doubled it all this winter.. We have gone with one really good boat, as have most of our neighbours.. I can not be out on that water and not be in a big ass safe boat. Not in my nature… Need to start on my outdoor pantry though…. next year…:)


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