to come back

Trying out the pretty much completed second bedroom this month. Our daughter was here for a few days, then we had our son and his family this last weekend and our other son is coming for Easter.

The hardest part and by that I mean the only part I miss about city living is the distance from our children and granddaughter. We are fortunate in that our children love this island as much as we do and make the effort to spend as much time here as they can.

Our seven month old granddaughter was given a little taste about what is in store for her when she visits us when an eagle decided to feed in front of our window. Virtually a few feet from our breakfast table. It then perched on the rock at her feet. Her giggles turned to belly laughs at the sight of it.eagle.jpg

With the help of our son over the weekend, we got one tree taken down, another bucked and E was able to get the rest of the building supplies over to the island which we will need for the deck and it’s railing. Our other son will help E finish the deck weather permitting, over the Easter weekend. All of the kids like to help with projects when they come. In fact, all of our guests are conscripted when they come. Luckily, we have friends and family who like to pitch in and feel like they are participating members of the property. I think guests enjoy their visits more when they can look back and see their contributions over the years.

Normally, when guests are here they are included in the mornings chores for an hour or two before the days activities of kayaking, food and wine begin. We try to think of projects which our guests will enjoy. Some like to chop a little wood, or water the vegetables or fix a stairway, or wash some windows. We have lots and lots of projects on the list for this summers guests..The eaves troughs need to be installed, there is staining to do and lots of gardening..

Three kids and three visits in a month is pretty much all we could have hoped for when we built the second bedroom. You see, we don’t work our kids or our guests too hard. They all seem to want

to come back:)

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