attitude on life


While E was at the hospital this week they gave him the usual questionnaire to fill out.. Are you depressed? Are you stressed? etc. He just says no to everything.. He never has had any stress or depression, impending heart transplant or not.. The guy never worries.

Back to the island. Back to work.

E headed up to the water tanks to clean out the smaller one.. He has made a vacuum contraption out of old copper piping attached to a garden hose. The tank was filthy… It isn’t now. All three tanks are open with the potential of 4000 gallons of water on the top of the hill. We are currently sitting at about 800.  Last week we were at zero. We are now pumping 15 minutes, once per hour.. Won’t take too long to get the tanks filled and we can put this nasty business of dirty well water behind us…

I went to work in the greenhouse (such as it is). Time to get the vegie seeds started and try to have some sort of decent garden produce this summer. We will put last summer behind us.. I planted a lot of tomatoes seeds..

8 X Roma Paste, 18 X Alisa Craig,  8 X Ruths Perfect Medium, 10 X Saltspring Sunrise Medium, 8 X Cosmonaut Volkov, and 8 X Pollocks Medium

Five Cinderella pumpkin and some basil. The peas are sitting between a damp cloth in the kitchen til they are sprouted. (otherwise the voles get them).. The garden is still pretty messy but I don’t have a lot else on my plate right now so I should be able to get things tidied up pretty quick.

E has just about finished installing a solar panel upgrade to our neighbours house and fixing all of our urgent system problems.. I’m hoping, if I ask nicely,  I can get a couple of days work out of him at the greenhouse. Won’t take much to have it finished.

There is a lot to do down at the house but we are taking a bit of time getting caught up on all of the chores that were neglected last year. We are in no rush.

As we were pulling out of the marina this week, I asked him if he needed me to roll up the plastic canvass so he could see out the back of the boat we were borrowing while ours was fixed.. His response… “Don’t bother.. Doesn’t matter what is behind us.. Just need to look ahead”

Pretty much sums up his whole

attitude on life

50 Bacardi






11 Comments Add yours

  1. Anonymous says:

    He’s my hero too!


    1. Off Grid Islanders says:

      He’s going to get a big head!


  2. Margy says:

    Positive attitude is everything. Got a question for you about voles. I have something out in my float garden. The only way to get there would be running down the bridge from shore, across a transition float and jump a few inches over a water gap when the garden is pulled in during daylight hours. Would a vole do something like that? My other choice is a mouse, but I have put two snap traps and a poison trap on the surface, but nothing has come up to try any of them. Yet my carrots and beets have been eaten from the bottom up and there are hollow areas under the surface near the plants they have eaten. What does that sound like to you? – Margy


    1. Off Grid Islanders says:

      sounds like voles…. little bigger than a mouse…tend to eat my beets from ground up and go after my tomato roots….I live trap them with peanut butter….good luck 😉


      1. Margy says:

        Do you have to set your traps underground or does on the surface work? I have a mouse live trap that I could use. – Margy


      2. Off Grid Islanders says:

        Just at the base of the tomatoes on the ground… sadly sometimes I catch three a night in the peak of tomato season…


      3. Margy says:

        I’ll give it a try. If I can get them off the floating garden I should be good for the summer growing season. I don’t leave it in at night to prevent critters from getting on-board. Who knows how this one did. But it did. All the carrots and beets are out of the ground so they may be coming up more often to find surface things to eat. – Margy


      4. Off Grid Islanders says:

        I can’t picture how you do it…..a floating garden???


      5. Margy says:

        Here’s a link. I live in a floating cabin next to a granite cliff. There’s no land to make a garden so I have “raised beds” on a cedar log float.


      6. Off Grid Islanders says:

        Wow, way cool.. I apologize I’ve never looked at your blog.. I will try to catch up with it tomorrow… thanks…..


  3. Island Time says:

    Looking forward, not looking back; very good attitude! Happy spring!


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