Nations flag idea

One can log onto three different weather forecasting channels and get three different weather reports for our waters. They are all unreliable. We are often called for the water conditions from friends about to head here in their boats.

We have a few more things to install on the deck, once the railing is on.. We bought a weather station to project out off the corner of the deck into the wind..The weather station measures rain fall, wind speed, barometric pressure and of course the temperature. It is a very cool system which can hook into the internet on the weather underground. We will give you the coordinates and you will be able to go on-line to see the weather on the island here. First we need a railing.

The other thing I want is a big ass flag. My Mom’s friend Evie had a United Nations flag at her house and I always loved it. I had thought we might go a more traditional route and get the Maple leaf waving in the wind.. Haven’t thought much on where we will hang it but it’s best location will become self evident, I should suspect.

I heard on the news that Parliament changes their flags fairly regularly and you can put your name on a list to get an authentic Parliament Hill flag. I thought that sounded just about big enough for our needs and wrote to Ottawa to get my name on the waiting list.

Good News! I heard back this week and my name is indeed on the waiting list. They advised me that my name should make it to the top of the list in just seventy-eight ………….YEARS!

They were very excited for me as well can be expected but cautioned me to hold on to the reference number and to keep them informed if I should change my address.

I might want to rethink the United

Nations flag idea



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