I can do

Saturday, E was coming back from town on flat waters, under sunny skies, just past the narrows when the engine on our boat had a hissy fit. It made a loud ugly noise and stopped. He hadn’t hit anything to deserve the tantrum. The engine had just decided that it refused to go further until it sees the Doctor. Our dear friend, Tim came out to tow E back into the Cove. Then we had it towed to the city on Monday.

Boat Doctors are not cheap and we are still waiting for word on the cost to convince said motor it would like to go back to work. sigh.. Didn’t I just say we were working through our problems and most were under control.???

Although the well pump is now working, we disturbed the hole when we pulled and replaced the pump. Yuck and guck have joined muck floating in our well water. It’s a lovely brown colour when it comes out of the tap. Not to waste the icky water, we are pumping it into our two five hundred gallon garden tanks. At some point in the very near future we are hoping to fill the upper tanks with three thousand gallons of clear water for the house feed.. In the meantime we will head up the hill to our neighbours for a shower every once in while so as not to offend the wildlife..

While E deals with dead engines and muddied well waters, I have turned my attentions to setting up patio furniture and planning the deck garden. I have figured out a way to make the deck deer proof and am hoping to be able to have a few ( few???) flowers scattered here and there (everywhere!). This requires a lot of seed catalogue study and day dreaming on the deck. It’s a very strenuous job . With all the  work that E has to do with the grunge of the well water etc. I feel daydreaming on the deck in front of my new fire pit is arguably the very least

I can do..


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