rewarding when solved

Truck kinda running, laundry awesome, yesterday E dealt with our third problem. We have had no water pumping into our well for probably weeks.

Armed with his new multi meter, E tested the wiring at the top of the control box in the top of the well housing. There was a bad reading which indicated a problem with one of the wires on the well pump. This pump is only six years old and should last twenty five years.

Dave and Brad came over to help him pull the pump. It is 275 feet deep so they attached one end to the truck and drove the truck a ways down our lane…. With all of the piping now stretched along our driveway E could access the pump. Did I mention it was pissing rain…. Dave and Brad had places to go and E was confident he could finish the job alone.

He couldn’t see anything wrong so he tested the wires at the top of the pump and the readings were basically the same  so that meant the wires all the way down the well were good.. But still confusing why the pump wasn’t working.

So he checked his readings in the manual and it insisted there is something wrong with the wiring. So he opened up the pump itself and found a broken wire within the pump. It was right at the top of the pump casing. Six years of slow rubbing every time the pump had turned on had caused the wire to wear through..

After six hours of working in the pouring rain and mud, E was pretty thrilled he at least found the problem.. Fixing it wasn’t difficult. He soldered the wire back together and heat shrunk the connection.. and then wrapped the shit out of it in electrical tape…

He started at nine in the morning and my daughter and I helped him drop the pump back in the well just before dark…. A long and certainly frustrating day for E, but as with all of the problems on this island, certainly on this property, very

rewarding when solved.

2 thoughts on “rewarding when solved

  1. Well done! Good to get that water running again. You must have been filling up the new washing machine with buckets! I know that feeling. Good to see your hummingbird too. I heard my first one yesterday afternoon! Spring must be here, somewhere….!!


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