has to supervise

Just because, to live on this island successfully requires an affinity for problem solving, doesn’t mean we are looking for more!

In fact when everything is working correctly we are quite comfortable taking the day off with a good book and a glass of wine.

Much as the amount of “stuff” we have to carry back from town is directly related to how high the tide is (steep boat ramp), the propensity for functioning things to stop working increases when you have company coming or need to leave the island for a few days/weeks.

We can’t wash our clothes before packing the night before a trip, especially in the winter. We have no electric dryer so clothes must be washed a few days ahead and hung inside to dry. I started yesterday. Not a big job. My wardrobe consists of horrid jeans,  work jeans, better jeans and black jeans. Shirts range from flannel with rips to T-shirts with holes. But, I thought I would make the effort none the less. Once all of the clothes (there is no point in separating) were soaked with water, the washing machine decided to stop working. After turning it upside down and taking it apart piece by piece E declared it dead, mort, a goner, wash no more………E carried everything in garbage bags up to our neighbours (thank you!) and we ordered a new one. It will be here next week. sigh.

While he was in the bathroom/laundry/utility room he decided to turn on the remote start to pump water from the well to our tanks. That’s when he discovered our pump isn’t working. Probably hasn’t for a few days. He went up the hill to check the tanks.. We are almost out of water.  sigh. We are going to have to pull the well pump and see if it’s plugged.

My role, as I see it in the relationship is to stay out-of-the-way while he solves system problems while toiling away at all of the other chores that need doing. Sami, however, considers his input valuable and always

has to supervise

4 thoughts on “has to supervise

  1. Our island car quit the morning we were due to leave for a 6-week trip. And the generator packed it in again a few days before that, so guess what H is looking forward to when we return…….@#$%^&*().


  2. I, too, have the different jeans and don’t really distinguish between them as I go about my life. But my wife does.
    “You are not allowed to wear your new jeans. I am keeping them for GOOD. That’s why all the labels and tapes are still on.”
    “So, by ‘good’ you mean what?”
    “When we go out socially.”
    “So, then I can take the labels off?”
    “On what?”
    “If we are going to a neighbour, they stay on. If we are going off island, you can take them off.”


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