Any where else…

Someone, who shall remain nameless, but it wasn’t E, had the brain dead idea to let the fire go out overnight so we could empty the ashes.. The firebox was getting pretty full, having been last emptied Dec 27. Last night was the coldest night of the winter.. What was she who remains nameless thinking???

I got up at six and it was -2 C outside and 10 degrees inside…

Yesterday, it snowed here for the first time this winter. So close to sea level, we had only a couple of inches but the higher end of the island had maybe double that. Heading to coffee at the Y’s we had to go back for our chain saw as there was a tree down blocking our lane and another across the road at the bottom of dead truck hill.

Our project this week is to take everything out of the living room. Everything! And pile it into the two bedrooms. Craig is coming in on the weekend to sand and give a final stain to all of the wood interior. That will be it, the interior pretty much done. One year to the date of starting.

This is our sixth winter here and we have only left the island a couple of days at a time, to see family. But, this weekend we are taking a few days to wander the streets of Nevada, take in a hockey game, a few shows and some sunshine while Craig does his thing. When we are back, we will turn our attention to finishing the deck. We won’t be going anywhere again, but to visit family, for a long time.

I cannot tell you how fun it was, yesterday for E on a cold crisp morning to have an excuse to power up the chain saw. So much more fun for him than city living …once the interior is stained, why would we go

any where else?

4 thoughts on “Any where else…

  1. We are currently ‘someplace else’ and it is hot and warm and ‘idyllic’ but I am a fool. I miss being home. I do NOT miss snow and chainsawing trees to get places but I miss almost everything else. It will have been over two months by the time we return. That is one month too long. If there is another ‘snowbird venture’ it will be shorter. Paradise needs me.


    • I would miss my bed. I’ve never been much of a traveller… I can’t afford to do it in style and I missed the hosteling days…… but on a clothing related note.. when this reno is done I’m burning our clothes and starting again! Maybe sone sequins….


  2. Ha! Jasper is the same way with his chainsaw! He’d rather get to chop something down or apart with that thing than just about anything else! Your island sounds like heaven. Wood stove going (and probably going better than ever now that the ash is cleared out!), big windows and the “nature channel” playing. Wonderful.


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