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A perch also


I saw a new resident arriving at the dock a few of years ago with a small bag of bird seed, maybe the size of a bag potato chips. I was standing with Kathy at the time, a friend who also enjoys feeding the birds. We looked at each other and simultaneously said “he’s going to need more seed”

I often refer to our house as the perch. I go through a lot of seed (five types) to encourage birds to the house for my daily entertainment. The current layout of the deck area is proving difficult to find a good place to hang feeders. I get a lot of disapproving looks from the men around here when the birds poop on the beautiful new wood sills and decking.

We also have lots of birds around the house who require no involvement from me. I enjoy their antics also, but grow nervous when the eagle takes too much interest in a lone duck. I can handle watching the eagle eating a fish but not a duck. I have my limits.

But it seems we have a new guest. I imagine it’s a compliment that he/she has decided the best view of the water is from the top of our roof.

It seems he thinks of my house as

a perch also

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We are a retired couple living on an off grid island on the West Coast

4 thoughts on “A perch also

  1. Those are wonderful close-ups of the duck, eagle and heron, especially the heron. What a treat. I look forward to each of your posts with anticipation.

    • Well that is very kind of you…. thanks for reading. The heron looks angry but I think he was just freezing!

  2. I’m not sure what I will do this season with my seed eating birds. A Steller’s Jay moved in last summer and hasn’t left all winter. He would empty all of my seed feeders in one day by dumping everything into the lake. My feeders hang from the bridge to shore. I’ve given him a suet feeder this winter since he is the only bird other than our resident raven pair. How do you keep you manage your feeders? – Margy

    • The Stellers were only here for a few days when the Gary oak seeds were ready for them so they aren’t a problem here…. we have three hummingbirds too who stay year round….They aren’t the messy ones….I’ll post some pictures of the others….

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