Remain looking cute

I could well have started this posting with “it was a dark and stormy night” for that matter starting with “it was a dark and stormy day” wouldn’t be without truth. We aren’t certain if it is the metal roof unreasonably amplifying the rain or if it really is rainy crazy hard.. But I suspect it is raining crazy hard and it is also amplified by the new roof…. Whatever, we aren’t going anywhere..

After four weeks of the plague, I am pretty much better but E is on round two… Quite content to sit by the fire and read between hockey games…He is drinking tea, I have cracked open the Bailey’s.. Days like today are made for drinking Baileys.

I am working on my book. Story two is with John for comments, review and additions. Story three is on my desk. I made a huge breakthrough today in my research and I am hoping to have some really interesting new pieces of information very soon.. Well, interesting to me at least… I have to get these three chapters off my desk before we can get to the good stuff. John’s history….. I think at the end of the day, it is going to be a very limited audience interested in the finished product but I promised John I would get this written and no one wants to fail when they promise John something…

We watched season four of Grace and Frankie this week. I loved it. We are also working our way through the Oscar nominees for best picture. Tonight is the Darkest Hour.

The otter who we discovered were pooping on the moss in front of the studio are apparently living under the studio… so not good!!  This week Craig went up to start-up his planer in front of the studio and an otter growled at him from under the building. He tells me the best way to get rid of them is if E “waters” a circle around the building.. You know like when and if the rain ever stops.. However, at this point in time even the dog doesn’t want to shake his leg outside.

Today, at four when I force the dog out the door for our walk up the lane I am taking our trail cam with me and I am going to put it on the tree in front of the studio and see if I can catch the otter in the act of frolicking where they ought not be frolicking.

These are the little buggers in front of the house yesterday. In the water, where they are quite allowed to be and

remain looking cute.

4 thoughts on “Remain looking cute

  1. I fondly remember Mother Otter bringing the little ones down (usually at dusk or in the dark) and doing what sounded like teaching them to fish! This was after they left the Owl Lane Pond as wee ones. However, under the studio is something else!


    • Quite surprised they would take up under there with us here all of the time. Generator on… running power tools etc.. Sami and Mr. Ho running around… sigh.. I want them to go back to the pond where they belong! We had a nice night with Nancy and Erik a few years ago watching mom teach babes to swim off the rock under the perch.. as they would fall into the water the phosphorescence would light up their path.. beautiful night….


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