Rain would stop

Rainy day. Indoor jobs. Too windy for Craig to come over.

E added the crown molding to the Ikea cabinets, the backing to the kitchen island and put a counter top on the bathroom cupboard. Small jobs, not complicated and certainly fairly low on the priority list. But tasks that need to be finished and it’s nice to have the time to chip away at them. The weather is so miserable that we are happy to be working inside.

Everyday at four, I take the dog to shake his leg and we walk past the garden. Breaks my heart. I wasn’t in the garden last summer more than a handful of times. I certainly never had the chance to properly put it to bed for the winter. It is out of control and an embarrassment.

I was looking at pictures of the garden beds from three years ago and I had such hopes… sigh… the minute the rain stops I am taking my clippers to the trees and shrubs and roses. I am going to be brutal, a drastic prune to everything. I am going to be ruthless pulling plants out that I do not like. I am going to be brave and move some of the grasses from Marion into the driveway rockery beds.. I can hardly wait….

New catalogue from Brecks bulbs came in the mail.. big sale prices if I order before Feb 2. I was very careful and sorted out the specialty bulbs that I needed, were absolutely necessary from the ones that were just okay… added them up and even at half price they come to several hundred dollars… hmmmm

So I went through them again… and again.. each time being more selective…I am finally left with a nice selection of a few new plants to try.. hanging begonias, freesia, phlox, gladiolus and pink coneflowers…they are all listed as deer resistant, which on this island is ludicrous. All will be planted behind a fence except the hanging begonias….I’m hoping I can hang the begonias on the back deck at the front door, high away from the deer.

The highlight of winter for me is when the seed catalogues and gardening magazines start to arrive in the mail..I am eager to get the garden back in shape and plant up the driveway beds….if only the

rain would stop

2 thoughts on “Rain would stop

  1. It will and in the mean time what a beautiful picture you took with the wet path and moss covered trees. Always a silver lining! Think back to where you were this time last year and look how far you have come. Your garden will be wonderful again. You had a lot on your plate last year and you can’t expect to do it all.


    • And yet it is still depressing to go up there! The fish are oblivious to our neglect and they seem completely delighted with the rain… the benefit of the rain is definitely the colours of the moss… so pretty down the lane there…


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