inches of rain

Most everyone has left the island for warmer, less monsoon like conditions. E and Craig are attacking the inside job list… wood trims etc.

To say it has been rainy would be an understatement. To say it has been crazy rainy and incredibly windy would be less so. On the upside, the temperatures are mild, during the day somewhere around 9 degrees C. It hasn’t gone below zero all winter. We have taken the down quilts off the bed.

Poor weather hasn’t really mattered. We haven’t gone anywhere.  After a brief twelve-hour window of feeling well enough to go out for dinner on Saturday, I ended up back on the couch all week. If today is the 18th… the 2018 score is flu 15.. me 3.

I have had absolutely no inclination to do much of anything but cuddle with my dog and a blanket. But the rain and my coughing stopped today for an hour and I grabbed the dog and the camera to fill a desperate need for fresh air. We headed out to embrace the sweet smells of wet forest, wonder at the colours of green and jump in the deep puddles.

Our nieghbours pond, which goes dry in the summer is full to the brim.

I wandered up to the mossy bit above our house in front of the studio. The dog has been up there barking insanely every night all winter. I thought maybe the deer were hanging out there and I might find a winter antler shed.

Many of you remember the horrid story of our dog’s lost battle with an otter.. If not, you can catch up here.(otter).. Much to my horror all of the moss on the mossy bit above our bedroom is covered in otter poopage…. they have also made a slide down past our bedroom window to the water… little buggers…. This is not good. Not good at all…..


On our way back down to the house, I checked the sweet froggy rain meter which I received for Christmas…. that is five

inches of rain!                                 img_6477-1


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