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will have it


A little back ground information….

In 1980, when E and I decided to live in sin, he brought with him all his worldly possessions.  A five poster walnut king size water-bed, a stereo and 450 records…..He was driving a triumph GTE 6 plus… We stacked the records with bricks and boards and moved them 11 times in 8 years. My John Denver Christmas album along with a Ray Materick album (bought at a concert) were dutifully combined alphabetically..  452 record library… Music (classic rock) was always playing in our house…

When we had our second child, we agreed we could afford for me to stay at home. You know, if we scrimped and saved. Didn’t spend money on extras… It was the same year that CD players became a thing. E went to the mall with our boys to buy a new furnace filter and came home with a jungle gym and a new CD player. I mentioned we had 450 records and no CD’s. He proudly showed me his new Rod Stewart CD. I went back to work….

Scroll ahead 38 years and we live on an island in the middle of no where. We have no neighbours close enough to hear music over the rocks which surround our house. We love the sound of the eagles and the sea lions and birds… But we also love music.. We have an eclectic taste … mixed in with the Classic Rock (The Who, Clapton and the Rolling Stones) are Broadway musicals, Pavarotti, Avicii and Mark Knopfler. E has 12,563 songs in his iTunes library… But, for the last two years, no way to play them….

For Christmas, we bought ourselves a new wireless sound system. E installed it today and music has returned to our home….To our neighbours, if you can hear it… feel free to make a music request..

This weekend is the annual New Years celebration on the island. A group of thirty or forty will gather at the fire hall. After a potluck dinner there will be dancing and singing and perhaps a little champagne… E is again the DJ. If there is a song you want to dance to, or a ditty you want to sing  … he

will have it…. DSCN8762



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We are a retired couple living on an off grid island on the West Coast

6 thoughts on “will have it

  1. Have fun at the party everyone! Wish we could be there.
    Mike/Elaine/AJ & Maggie.

  2. Sorry to miss the gathering. Renate and I miss you all and wish you all a very happy new year. Hope to see you all in the spring.

  3. “Sounds” like it will be a blast! I’m envious. Happy New Year my dear friend!

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