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long hot baths

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We are back from the big city.. Merry Christmas everyone….

Four days away from the house was all we were really comfortable with.. Not really confident yet in our new batteries and electric fridge, we didn’t want to come back to melted yuck all over the new floor…. In the summer with unlimited sunshine, I imagine it won’t be of any concern at all.

With everything in the house turned off except for the fridge, we used 6% of the batteries. It wasn’t particularly sunny while we were gone so the stored power in the batteries did the work. Inside of the fridge it was cold and inside of the freezer it was freezing…. All good.. Our experiment with an electric fridge run by solar power living off grid is a huge success. We are more than pleased as the winter days with cloudy skies were to be the real test..

We came home on Boxing Day at 1:30 pm. It was 2 degrees C outside the house and 3.9 degrees C inside the house… brrr friggin burrrrrr…. By 5pm  it was 15 degrees… By breakfast time the next day we were warm and cozy at 21 degrees inside and 3 degrees outside.

If you recall we have had little water pressure since July. It has frustrated us to no end wondering why the on demand hot water didn’t have enough pressure to give us a decent stream of hot water. E has tried a myriad of solutions and even considered completely repiping the water system down to the house. Remember the hours we spent digging up the driveway thinking we had a leak?

Whether or not we had hot water for a shower became a low priority when we had flooring to install and bathrooms to complete so we scheduled “sorting out our water pressure problems” until after Christmas.

Yesterday, being “after Christmas”. E turned his attention to the on demand hot water system. The tank has been moved to a utility cabinet in the bathroom. The stove-pipe to vent the tank has not been installed yet as it requires a hole cut in the new metal roof. E decided that the tank needed to be vented none the less. So he cut a hole in the interior ceiling of the bathroom so the tank is at least vented to the house. Next time Craig is here he can install the chimney and boot above the ceiling hole on the roof.

As soon as E cut the hole in the ceiling the on demand hot water tank began working correctly. Apparently the tank has a flue gas sensor which shuts off the burners if it senses gas. Who knew?

We celebrated with

long hot baths







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