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Could hope for


Miserable storm this week took down at least a dozen trees along the roads of the island. On the big island in front of us the power was out and friends of ours had six inches of snow. There was ice floating on the water in our marina. We had a heavy wet sleet with really just a dusting of white.. but the heavy wet sleety snow was too much for a lot of the island trees.

Our thanks to those more hearty than E and I, who were out in the storm clearing up the roads. We quite frankly, are burned out so we stayed inside by the fire, read a book and cracked open a little sambuca.

Today the sun shone over calm seas and although cold, it was a gorgeous day.. we put on our silk long johns and left our cozy house to check on a friends house and SoHo.. everything was good at the cabins we saw but we found a huge Arbutus down at the back of our property. E grabbed his chain saw and we spent the morning filling the truck with pure Arbutus gold.

To spend a full day in December working outside on firewood chores is really enjoyable for both of us. To be able to reap the firewood of winter fall trees is one of the great benefits of living here full time. We know that this wood will be so appreciated in our fireplace on a winters night years from now.

We left a ton of Arbutus leaves behind on the road. When we get back next week the deer will have cleaned it up. Arbutus leaves, for the deer, is as good a Christmas dinner as they

could hope for.

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We are a retired couple living on an off grid island on the West Coast

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  1. To get our wood we have to use a boat or barge. Our water access only spot demands it. But there is plenty of wood along the shore of the lake that we can bring home, cut and stack. We are very thankful for that. – Margy

    • Lucky you.. storms like this week have some benefit! Out on the water yesterday there were a lot of uprooted trees floating, roots and all……have a great Christmas….

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