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And a roof

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Apparently it is Christmas in a few days and we are going to town to see our kids. I am normally a little more prepared for the Yuletide festivities but I have been otherwise distracted..

The usual tasks for the season like writing Christmas cards, homemade hostess gifts and early shopping for presents have been neglected or completely eliminated from any likelihood of happening. I used to pride myself on finishing everything by December 1st to avoid crowds and stress.. Then I would relax and enjoy December, far away from stores and crowds.

Without anything urgent in the house to do, E is out chopping wood. The pile of rounds on the driveway he is splitting today should fill the last of our four wood sheds. We still have a large Arbutus which needs to be bucked up and split, but it can wait for a project weekend with our sons… Ideally our wood will season for three years, at minimum two, before we put it in the fireplace. The wood in the fireplace today came from our property when we cleared the driveway in the fall of 2014. When the sheds are full we will have eight cords. We use 2.5 to 3 cords per year.

This year consumption should be less as we are still burning a lot of debris from the deconstruction. We can burn those bits on these milder days but as the temperatures dip we will put a nice big hunk of Arbutus in the stove to keep us toasty.. We mostly burn fir here. But our property also has a nice supply of Arbutus, which is like gold on a cold February night.

We aren’t too fussy about keeping the stove going at night. Whoever is up first will light the fire. These mornings at 5 am it is around 15 C and an extra sweater keeps us warm til 9 when it makes it to 20C. We keep it around 20C all day….It’s a lot easier now with walls and windows, flooring

and a roof…..

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We are a retired couple living on an off grid island on the West Coast

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  1. We use a bit less wood over on the mainland side. I think living on the water moderates our temperatures a bit. We let the fire die out too and whoever gets up first starts it back up. Our loft bedroom stays about 2 degrees warmer than the downstairs, mostly due to the cold coming up from the water under the float cabin floor. We use old logs gathered from the lake so letting them cure isn’t an issue. For us it is getting them dry before winter arrives. – Margy

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