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Cutting it close


First of all, I must say I’m quite disappointed no one commented on my awesome unintentional pun in the last posting…. Mom would have……..

Moving on….We had twenty nine people over last night to christen the new house. Twenty nine people or as Craig thought of it, 5000 pounds of weight …..testing out his new floor. Not a problem he assured me.. and it wasn’t. The house didn’t shake or even shimmy now that we are firmly secured to the rock….

The long difficult process for the foundations of both the house and deck is although visually unimpressive incredibly reassuring as we move forward with our life here. We have a lot of family and friends and I like to think we won’t be losing anyone off the cliff…especially ourselves!

Sure, it was cozy last night but who wants to go to a party where you have elbow room and a chair all to yourself. We played the stealing a gift game which went very well. Always interesting to see which gifts are fought over. The big hits of the night were a gift pack of homemade honey, candles and soap derived from our own island bees and a pair of cozy socks… I got a gorgeous candle and E got a new hatchet…..

Now that we have turned the corner on the reno we can start to think about Christmas and look forward to seeing our wee grand daughter. Sure there are lots of finishing touches needed on the house. Railings around the deck would be nice, again so we don’t unintentionally lose any guests off the cliff. But, we can get to the tasks as we see fit.. no urgency.

The last six windows arrived on Friday. Four installed that afternoon with the two large casement windows installed Saturday morning. Talk about

cutting it close

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We are a retired couple living on an off grid island on the West Coast

7 thoughts on “Cutting it close

  1. Good job. It’s beautiful. Congratulations and Merry Xmas. Special pat on the back to E and work-crew. The weird thing? The work won’t stop………

    • Thank you… we don’t mind the ongoing work.. that’s why we are here but nice to get rid of the urgency…. it’s all good.. Merry Christmas. Have fun with your new grand baby:)

  2. Well done! I’m most impressed! As said before, it looks beautiful! Looking forward to seeing it one day in person. 😉 Sorry that I didn’t catch the pun and glad that your windows have finally arrived!
    It will be a memorable Christmas. Cheers!

  3. The room looks gorgeous, so happy for you. Enjoy it, and have a very Merry Christmas.

  4. Congratulations, the big battles fought and won. Now just a bit of details to finish, those tiny little ones that keep showing up, the ones nobody even noticed till now. I have lots of those. LOL Carty

  5. great party and beautiful, gorgeous stunning tasteful comfortable house and that is at night without the view.

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