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Windows have arrived


We have been working like mad men and when I say we, I mean mostly E and Craig, to get the house wrapped up before Christmas. We have made huge strides… let’s see what have we accomplished this week.

  • The last of the garbage left by barge.
  • All remaining debris burned.
  • All of the cork flooring laid (throughout the whole house)
  • Furniture put together and set up.
  • Christmas Baking (that was me).
  • Fir transitions made and installed around tiled areas.
  • Fir casing made and installed (spray foam seal) around deck door.
  • Fir stops made and installed around all of the windows
  • window seat painted
  • Christmas tree chopped down and decorated.
  • Garden Seeds for next summer ordered (that was me too).
  • Paintings hung.

The Fir Craig is using for all of the trim is left over from the beams and posts we prepped this summer.

Hundreds of sea lions are parading past the house every day from four til dark. I don’t know where they are going but they make quite the spectacle. It is hard for us to continue to work with such a display in front of the house.

The weather has been incredible. Here it is the middle of December and all of our doors (yes, Mary all three) are open while we work. Tons of sunshine and blue skies. The fogs from last week have cleared and we are thrilled with our good fortune. The rains are supposed to start again this weekend but we have made the most of our last few days of sunshine.

This time last year the hummingbird feeder was freezing over night but it hasn’t been below zero (celsius) this winter, yet.

We have even had time to watch few of our favorite Christmas movies…

So, lots accomplished and we are thrilled. But if you want to be my friend please stop asking if our missing

windows have arrived

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We are a retired couple living on an off grid island on the West Coast

7 thoughts on “Windows have arrived

  1. Moira , sounds like everything will be ready for Christmas ! Enjoy a wonderful Christmas ! It looks beautiful. I would love to see the sea lion parade! Well worth stopping work to watch that !
    Love Tess

  2. Fantastic! Looks beautiful! I’m very impressed that you even managed Christmas baking and getting the tree in and decorated.

  3. So very glad you have all that done before Christmas, now you can be warm and toasty while sipping your nogs -Enjoy!! Wishing you a very Merry Christmas.

  4. That’s a lot of things to get done. You were lucky. Even after the four days of fog passed we got to more after that. When you get only 2 hours of direct sun a day at the best its hard to take. Despite that we got a few things done ourselves including a job at another cabin on the lake. Have a great Christmas in your lovely home. Love that view!! – Margy

    • Thank you.. last winter was hard on us .. never able to get outside but this year, so far we have been lucky… Merry Christmas!

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