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the cupboard doors


I am not timid on the water. We have a good boat and it isn’t too bad outside.. Yet it makes for a miserable 40 minutes if you are banging up and down…. The poor dog hates it. As I sit here compiling our to-do list for this week’s town trip, the waves in front of the house are growing higher…. sigh…..

We have to go to town today because, the said poor dog (who is eleven) is having his teeth out tomorrow and there is no way on these dark mornings to make it to town in time for the appointment. We also have to stay a second night, as he won’t be ready to travel home til Friday. We are lucky to have friends in town where we can stay, and eat and drink and laugh and … well let’s be honest be spoiled in a lovely home.

I have only been to town once, briefly, since the beginning of October. Thirty-six hours in town, will be a  great opportunity to get stuff done. My list now consists of seventeen stops and counting… Throw in a little bonus Christmas shopping and you can see we will be in and out of the car a lot. It will be much easier with the dog otherwise occupied… I have never been a person who enjoys shopping but I admit, it will be nice to see the inside of a store other than Home Depot, Canadian Tire or Home Hardware.

We seem to be making great progress these days. The wood is all split and stacked from the trees we took down in February and the entrance to the property cleaned up. Craig continues work on the side of the deck and completed the utility cabinet. E continues the never-ending bathroom project but should have it done this weekend. He has finished the kitchen back splash, and was able to take advantage of the recent good weather get up on the roof and reinforce the wood stove chimney. 

We still can’t get into the studio past the stacks of flooring and we are still missing a few windows but we must be getting closer when Craig is installing

the closet doors.




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6 thoughts on “the cupboard doors

  1. Beautiful kitchen. But does your counter always look that spic and span, mine sure doesn’t!!!!

  2. I know what you mean about those long, bumpy boat rides to town in poor weather…Haven’t been to town proper myself for more than three weeks, so am beginning to feel a little bushed as well. Luckily I hate shopping, so don’t miss that at all. It will be nice to see a few people soon though. Hope the weather improves for your town trip!

    • ThAnks.. I normally dread town days but being able to stretch the work over two days will be a pleasure… or at least not so much an ordeal….

  3. Beautiful! You even get closet doors? How upscale! Don’t think I will ever get them.You lucky woman!

    • You don’t need doors… you have halls and rooms…..and an upstairs ……..:) but I will probably get base boards around the same time you do……:)

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