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Christmas is coming


E has a lot to do….

The kitchen backsplash was started. Well, not so much started as the fridge was pulled out and a state of chaos created.. Then the rain paused… so he took the opportunity to go out and lay the boards for the walkway. So the front and back of the deck are done, just the sides and railings and stairways to go. (just).

When the rain started up again (the pause in the storm was brief) he came into install the drywall on the ceiling of the bathroom. The bathroom is almost ready for the final sanding and painting. We are short a few tub tiles for the top row by the ceiling. We always seem to be missing something or other to prevent us from finishing projects completely…. I need Home Depot to deliver by drone. So, as well as the chaos in the kitchen, there is chaos in the bathroom. Cupboards are off the walls, a ladder is over the tub and drywall mud is everywhere.

On the weekend E levelled the floor and lay the cork flooring in the hallway. As he lays the cork, in between other jobs we put cardboard down on top of it for protection till we are finished the major part of the renovation. So far the master bedroom and hallway are done, the bathroom presumably will be next.

I realize this is not the way renovations are normally scheduled. I realize we are doing this in the most complicated manner possible.. and yet we are progressing and quite content.

What have I been doing? I found my quilting supplies and made an advent calendar for my grand daughter. We may be living in chaos and I have to step between drywall and cupboards to get to my sewing machine but I am a first time Grandma and

Christmas is coming

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4 thoughts on “Christmas is coming

  1. Wow, good for you! Chaos reigns! Lovely quilting/creative project. I’m still trying to clear the rubbish off the craft table so I can get my sewing machine out….a.k.a. another form of procrastination!

  2. A beautiful advent calendar. Something she can keep as a treasure. – Margy

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