would be ironic

Today, was a two steps forward kind of day.. Seems like they have been few and far between lately so we take them gratefully when we can get them.

To summarize E’s day.. The water issue is fixed.. The pressure tank and pump are working. We have lots of water down at the house and all is well with the world… Fifth time lucky,  when you are trying to solve water problems, is apparently a thing.  Part of the problem was the level or lack thereof of water in our tank.. But we have been pumping religiously lately and finally got the tank up to a level sufficiently above the outlet valve to make a difference.

Also, E turned the pressure tank dial down to 42 PSI. Forty two is where the tank seems to want to shut off.. If it won’t get to 50 PSI for shut off.. simple solution.. turn the dial down to a point where it will turn off.. Honestly, sometimes it is so simple that you just want to kick yourself for putting effort into problem solving.

Down below the house Robert and Craig made huge progress today. Robert on the foundations under the original bedroom part of the house and Craig on the foundations of the front deck. There was hammering and sawing and all kinds of good sounds coming from out front all day. Both guys seemed very pleased with the progress. Tomorrow, more concrete will be poured for more footings for the wrap around deck. This deck will be securely attached to the island and to the house. The house, which itself will be firmly attached to the bedrock.

If, once we are securely attached to the rock safe and snug, confident that heavy winds won’t blow us onto the wetter side of the water; if, when we lay in bed secure in the knowledge that we have taken the dangerous trees down and addressed most of the risks of living on the edge of a cliff…. If this is when the rock, which hangs above our bedroom window decides to fall on our bed and wipe us out. It

would be ironic

june 11 004


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