nests in it

We moved here full-time in April of 2012. This will be our sixth winter here. Friends in Vancouver placed bets that we wouldn’t last three years. I am constantly asked by said friends, “don’t you miss stores?”. Nope.. I miss my kids and I miss take out Chinese but I do not miss stores, or traffic or noise or crowds or pressure or just about anything else we left behind in town… as a couple who spent most of our forties in emergency rooms and hospital beds… we especially don’t miss doctors.

We are quite content to be stocking up for winter. We wave goodbye to our neighbours as they head out on their adventures to England, Europe, California, Asia and Africa. We will enjoy hearing their stories upon their return. Sometimes, briefly, every so often we entertain thoughts of travel, but its unlikely we will be going very far, very soon. Any where we would be interested to visit is usually medically unrealistic.. Heart transplant patients are generally not encouraged to wander down the Amazon or kayak the waters of the Antarctic. Realistically, we are where we should be, and where we are happy. What more can you ask for?

E spent the day today working on the continuing water pressure issue. We should know by tomorrow if his new solution worked… I am still slowly putting things away and planning for the day when I can hang pictures..Well, in truth I spent the majority of the day looking out the window at the changing colours of the trees on the island in front of me… But I did put a few things away too..

Here is the Maple tree at the entrance to our property. There was some concern this tree would shade the garden and have to go. But its one of my favorites and it will likely live a long and happy life. Especially if the hummingbirds continue to put their

nests in it





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