have all shrunk

Long ago, we had to accept an “island time” schedule and accept that things don’t happen like they might in the city. Within reason I can accept that. After all we aren’t going anywhere. We are dry and warm and have lots of jobs to keep us busy.

The trials and tribulations of building on an island continue. Murray was telling me today they ordered a new appliance in the city and the store not only will deliver it to their door but takes the old one away. sigh… I’m envious of the convenience.

We are still missing eight windows. One (the bathroom), is not “late”. It is awaiting a stained glass insert which I haven’t finalized yet. The other seven, somehow never made the shipment of windows two months ago.

Last month we received an email that our remaining window order was ready. When Craig went to get it last week, the store could only find three of them… really? How far can windows go? The two pieces of glass for the exterior doors and one small kitchen window was ready. On the up side, Tom was able to finish our exterior doors this weekend with the available glass. The living room door to the deck should be able to be installed this week.

It took easily as long to complete our order for interior doors from an altogether different store..The inverter, which we paid for over night delivery from a third store,


my little squirrel nodded off for a nap at the entry to his little home

to replace the broken new inverter to replace the working old inverter is still undelivered.. It’s been four weeks. Luckily the local retail outlet gave us one to use in the meantime.

E brings down a few boxes at a time from the studio for me to empty and put away. We have found most of our clothes, but still no Scotch. E spent the day putting door handles on cabinets and generally puttering away at our long list of things to do.. Very little is actually completely finished.. Everything needs just a little bit of work to finish.. Almost done is a state I can live with and keeps E busy…

E hung the shelves in closets this afternoon. I have started to hang clothes brought down from the studio. I do not understand why all of my clothes up in the studio, although wrapped safe and dry for the last year seem to

have all shrunk








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