stick with me

Overheard a thirtyish woman sadly say to a similarly aged man on the ferry to Vancouver this week, “I think it’s time I rehome my pretend dog”

Ok, let’s break this down. The woman seems to have grown tired of her pretend dog but feels concerned enough about its welfare that she accepts her responsibility to find the dog a new pretend home.. Presumably, one where it will have the illusion of happiness. Her friend, I think his name was Gord, an obviously good friend, to his credit, nodded sympathetically.

When you find good solid friends like Gord, it’s important to hold on to them. Those friends that are spoken about in social media memes. Those now clichéd references are the ones I’m talking about. You know who I’m talking about. The friends who you don’t  speak to everyday but still seem to know that you are thinking about them. Sometimes, years can pass between visits but still the bond remains. I have always been fortunate in this regard.

Mom used to tell me.. Forgive your friends three faults and hope they forgive at least three of yours. For example.. say a friend is always, always late for social engagements. Accept that they will be late, plan accordingly and embrace all of their other fine qualities.

I went to Vancouver this week to have dinner with a group of  friends who have been forgiving my faults since 1962. I have written about these women before. (friends)..

We were missing three. One recovering from surgery and one who lives in Australia and only makes it occasionally. Our third missing friend, died this month. I had written about her before. Wendy  As we stood together with our champagne in a beautiful new home overlooking the Vancouver nightscape we toasted to Wendy and to her friendship and to our good fortune to have had her and each other in our lives… We do not take our privilege lightly.

Friends come and go.. and although I have yet to burden a friend with worries about my pretend pets I do accept that friendship with me is not the easiest relationship. I am so grateful to you who

stick with me


10 thoughts on “stick with me

  1. Very wise advice from your mom!
    Wish we weren’t missing anyone, but I felt they were there in spirit.
    You know that I will always stick with you!


  2. Very wise advice from your mom!
    Wish we weren’t missing anyone, but I felt they were there in spirit.
    You know that I will always stick with you!


  3. Moms three flaw allowance, eh? Not bad. Wish I’d employed it with my friends. I kinda kept it to one, maybe one and a half (a major and a minor). I often allowed as many as three but only for so long. Not very long. Drug addiction might get a few extra years of patience. Child abuse, none. And sometimes, one pass was enough. Cancelled a couple of Maga Trump supporters, for instance. No room for that kind of nonsense at my age. Total dickheads. Still, I like the concept and God knows I push the limit myself. Seems I can be obnoxious now and then. Hard to believe,eh?.
    As for you, I can see the flaws everywhere. They are like bedbugs for you. Dandruff. An infestation of flaws. But, like bedbugs, a few dozen just don’t add up to much. You have only an ounce of flaws. Trump supporters carry a very weighty burden. Usually on top of tons of other flaws. They’re ugly and stupid, too. Probably smell.
    I am lucky. My wife is flawless. Unblemished. Perfect. Mistakes won’t melt in her mouth. She’s convinced me of that and me, being rotten AND male have to trust her on that. Being male is now a major flaw, it seems. Apologies. My bad. As she puts it, “I only make mistakes because I do everything. You make fewer because you do nothing! Start fixing that by doing more chores around here and I might forgive you!”
    Just to have a way to get back in her good books is an angel ‘s blessing. I’ll get right on it.


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