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With me reading in front of the fire, a roof over my head and E, relaxing while he watches hockey on TV, we can consider the reno well under control…  I thought we could have an update on the nature channel facet of our life here. There is after all,  a life here that doesn’t involve barges, lumber and septic systems.

We missed a lot of the nature show last year with our extended vacation at the south end followed by our return to our house wrapped in plastic and plywood. We are looking forward to catching up this winter with the goings on outside our window.

In addition to the squirrel and deer who reside at my back door, I have a resident seal in front of me along with the family of eagles who live next door. The sea lions have begun to swim past us in growing numbers. Sure, its only a few now but I have every confidence that this winter we will be well entertained. With any luck you will grow tired of me talking about rafting sea lions and pods of Orca.

The next door eagle, who last we saw in July fishing on the rock below us, returned last weekend.DSCN1371

There are five eagle nests on the island. The perimeters of the island are well and truly defended when the eagles stand at their posts watching the comings and goings in the water.. The tallest trees at each corner of the island host an eagle on watch throughout October to July each year. In the summers,  the eagle’s head to the rivers to hunt for spawning salmon.

Our friend Dave keeps track of the dates year by year when the animals do their thing. He has a record of a variety of events. He has the dates over the years when, he first heard the frogs in the pond (they are silent in the winter) , when the hummingbirds returned and when the eagles came back. I asked him if the return of our neighbour last weekend was a usual date.. He responded with his records..

Eagles return to the island

  • 2006   October 6
  • 2007    ?
  • 2008    October 18
  • 2009    October 10
  • 2010    October 2
  • 2011    October 28
  • 2012    October 19
  • 2013    October 13
  • 2014    October 8
  • 2015    ?
  • 2016    October 15
  • 2017    October 9

I haven’t read a book since last November. If I was left unsupervised I would read all day every day and virtually accomplish nothing else. If I have other pressing matters which I have had since February.. I just can’t pick up a book.. My daughter, like my Mother before us, is very much like me and when she comes here it is her time to read. Last spring she was here 7 days and read five books.

This week she brought the new Louise Penny book, Glass Houses with her. Proving that I am so comfortable with how the reno is progressing…. I picked up the book and have

started to read











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7 thoughts on “started to read

  1. Different rhythms. Changing patterns. Natural cycles. A whole different way of seeing and feeling and knowing. It’s in stark contrast to what we have been taught, an alternative schedule, a different tempo. It feels more right, too. Ferry schedules, planes, bills, clocks, calendars, they seem artificial after awhile. We eventually get on natural time rather than Greenwich Mean Time. We march to a different drum. We have natural clocks.
    And it works for me=_=.

  2. Love the picture of your island home. I read all year round, but more in winter when it gets dark so early. We have some power that can be used for videos or television using our Xplornet connection. But most of the time Wayne and I both use our Kindles with built-in lights to read in the evening. I would like to say I read things to improve my mind, but most books are just for fun. – Margy

  3. So interesting about the eagles’ return. Although I’m pretty sure ours on LI go to the Skagit River here where they congregate as they do down at Gold Stream Park, they return at just the same time as on DI!!! The end of the salmon banquets must be about the same dates.
    I’m also finding my reading schedule is delightfully back like yours. Fun post, ME!

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