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lift and tote


Can’t remember the name of the show but my friend Lisa and I used to regularly watch a home renovation show. The owners weren’t allowed to return to their home until the “big reveal”. It’s all in the editing but up until the last moment the house looked like a disaster and then just as the owners came in the door the last beautiful touch was applied to great approval and excitement by all…

Today, E and I felt kind of like we were living the final moments of the reno show. Except that it isn’t the owners who are coming but our kids. Our hard work today to get the house ready for them is ironic since the main reason we had kids was to have them do our work for us… Lifting the barge and toting the bale or however the song goes was normally their responsiblity… and then they grew up and moved away and we have been left, these days with a seemingly great amount of toting and lifting…

E finished the drywalling and mudding and sanding that he is going to get done before they get here..Then he painted the new guest room, hallway and doors. There is a bit of drywalling to do but it can wait until next week. We want a break from the dust and mess. As E says, he is only one man… and there needs to be time in the day to soak his back in the tub. I followed behind him cleaning up the dreadful drywall dust and trying to make the house look more homey than Armageddon.

Very pleased with how things are looking. We have had to change our plan for the window seat… the paint colours look odd under our new cushions. So when you look at the picture imagine that the bottom is black to match the bottom of the day bed… Our friend owns an upholstery company in Richmond and did a gorgeous job on the cushions. They are made with sunbrella and should be fairly hard wearing. A perfect spot to rest a cot for a wee baby to sleep.

When you are looking at the picture you also have to imagine cork flooring and window frames. While you are at it imagine an area rug and a vase of flowers…

Great excitement. I have a sink and if you can imagine in an off grid house a microwave!! I bought some groceries and yesterday, I actually cooked a meal. We had home-made spaghetti sauce with the few tomatoes I was able to grow this summer in the garden.  I think it may well be a solid year since I cooked from scratch in my kitchen….


The inverter company in Minnesota was most upset that we were having trouble with our new inverter so they are sending us a new one. E is picking it up tomorrow and we should have power for the weekend. If so, we can install the new fridge. Right now it is at the top of the driveway…

We are hoping our kids are willing to help us get the fridge down to the house…After all, what kind of fun would a weekend with their parents be if they don’t have an opportunity to

lift and tote…

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We are a retired couple living on an off grid island on the West Coast

4 thoughts on “lift and tote

  1. Wow, it looks fabulous!!! You must be so pleased and proud. Have fun with the kids… and little one. Special time for sure. Sue


  2. I don’t care where you live that’s a gorgeous kitchen! And to think that one is on “of the grid, secluded island and done by yourselves it’s wonderful!
    Enjoy the weekend ❤️

  3. Everything looks fabulous! Congratulations! –Sally

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