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As her view


Yesterday’s plan, for the crew’s two days off, was to focus on the guest room. We wanted to finish the dry wall and paint before all of our kids and our new grand daughter come for Thanksgiving. Two solid days of work could have the room finished. A grandchild worthy guest room was our two day goal on Saturday night when the crew left.

…..but……. a week ago E installed new solar panels. They are working great. New batteries also great.. It’s the inverter (read very expensive inverter) which isn’t working. Until it is, we can’t bring down the new fridge.(and buy a turkey)… We set aside drywalling when an islander who is in the know about these things came by yesterday to check E’s installation.. He couldn’t find anything wrong… no reason … 

Walking them back to their car we told them how the new water pump isn’t working either. It is supposed to shut off at 55 psi but can’t seem to get past 45. We walked past the newly mulched garden and commented how some plants look very healthy while everything else on the property is dead. The penny dropped. The reason we have had no water this summer even though our 5000 gallon tanks were full in April….,and that these plants are green and that the pump can’t seem to get enough pressure… There must be a slow leak in the water pipe somewhere……

We set aside the drywalling and the inverter problems and got out the shovels and pick axes…after five hours of digging rock and soil….we couldn’t find the leak….  we dug a lovely twenty foot trench for no apparent reason.

Today, day two of our two day plan we had to set aside drywalling, inverting and trenching to go to town for yet again, another trip to the bureaucrats for E’s executoring……so the crew are back tomorrow and the guest room looks no different. 

Twelve sleeps til the gang arrive. I’m hoping our four week old granddaughter doesn’t have high expectations for a finished guest room. She doesn’t seem to be the type who is particular about paint colours and flooring as much

As her view


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We are a retired couple living on an off grid island on the West Coast

8 thoughts on “As her view

  1. All you need is blackout shades (or garbage bags) and a sound machine (or “brown noise” on your iPad or phone)! Hope you work out all the other issues.

  2. Did you know that mice have been known to chew through buried plastic pipe – they can sense the water inside. And it has been a very dry summer…. are you saying that you have checked the whole length of the water line? Sheesh.

  3. Check the check valve. Should be within a few feet of the pump. If no check valve to check buy a check valve. Inverter is something else. Easier to exercise your warranty and exchange it. Outback?

    • outback is our charge controller the new inverter is magnum… they are replacing it. There is no check valve.. it wouldnt help tho.. the leak is down hill.. We will dig it up when we have time or just lay new pipe… if we run the hose down to the house and bypass the pipes.. the pressure is good… new pipe doesnt cost anything.. might be the simplest plan..

  4. Oh my! One step forward, two steps back! Hope you make some progress today with finding the leak. Good luck. You have set yourself quite the goal – hosting Thanksgiving dinner for the family! With the newest addition! I’m sure she will love it!

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