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Different than rats


First day of rain with cold wind in months. Sitting inside with our roof on and windows in we are quite smug… smug and dry. By three O’clock we were starting to get a little chilled so we lit our first fire in our new fireplace on our newly tiled hearth…now we are smug, dry and warm.

E was on the roof yesterday putting up the first four solar panels. Today, with the change of weather we were forced inside, so he is installing the new inverter and batteries.

I long ago accepted the fact that I feed the squirrels as well as the birds. I now buy the squirrels their own peanuts. One little cutie sits on a rock at my door in the mornings yapping at me until I bring him his daily ration. 

Yesterday, I sat on the pathway watching that E didn’t fall of the roof. Not quite sure how much help I’d have been if he was in the ocean but none the less, I felt I should be aware of his status. While there, I occupied my time watching where the squirrel was taking his peanuts. Low and behold he has found a nice hollow arbutus for his storage locker right at my door above his feeder. How very convenient for him. Today he was filling it with moss, so I guess he is moving in. How very convenient for me..

E was wondering what it is about squirrels that make me like them,, Why do I think they are so cute? How are they any 

different than rats

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  1. Well, they have a lovely furry tail of course and I think their faces are much cuter!

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