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Our resident deer


Woke up this morning at five am to a herd (probably three) of deer crashing around outside our window. They like to eat the grass which is kept green by the septic system under our house. The picture below is of the deer at 4pm today laying in his bed on a mossy bit above our out house. At any given moment it could be otter wandering the property or raccoons or this week we had a mink.. but this mornings footsteps were deer. I couldn’t spy on them as we had the windows encased in plastic.
Busy day here today. E had to go to town again to work on his Mom’s estate. I will be very happy to never again hear the word probate in our daily conversation. But, Robert, Craig and I got a ton done. I continued with stacking wood and the guys worked on the window installation
 I thought it was pretty darned exciting to have a roof, that was before I had windows.. now I have windows.. it is very exciting! We have seven of our windows.. Next week we have a barge coming with all of the decking, the fridge and our interior doors. I’m hoping the missing windows can make the trip too. Seems more promising that I will have everything I need to finish the house when the supplies are at least on this island.  On this property ….. in my sights! . We are so close!
The rains are supposed to start on Sunday. E is going to try to get the solar panels up tomorrow. Most of his jobs are interior projects well suited to rainy days. I would be happier if he did the solar panels in dry weather.
I stacked all of the wood which was split. When we have a spare moment we can split the rest. But what Robert split the other morning, almost filled one whole side of the shed. Tonight, for me, I have a roof, and lights and if necessary  I could light the fire… I am almost ready to welcome winter. But for tonight with my seven windows it’s enough that I will be able to spy on 
our resident deer

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4 thoughts on “Our resident deer

  1. Tonight I came home about 10:15 from a fun evening of Cribbage… walked into the back yard and heard apples dropping out of the Jonagold tree. The raccoon was taking one bite and throwing them on the ground, one by one. I chased it away and I spent about an hour up a ladder with a flashlight in my mouth picking unripened apples [beauties]. The crows got my plums, but at least I got some apples this year.

    • I would have loved a picture of you…… rotten rascals got all my plums… I should pick my apples but can’t imagine bringing more stuff in here until all the tools and drywall and insulation is gone….

  2. Just discovered your blog. You are making massive changes to your island home. Nice to hear you are nearing completion before the fall/winter weather arrives. – Margy

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