a productive day

E’s priority now for the reno is the remaining drywall and the upgrading of our systems. Drywalling is a miserable job and E will be happy to move on to the solar panel installation. Craig does everything which requires carpentry skills and Robert is working on the deck, the foundations, the firewood and anything else he can help with. Kathy rightly so, asked what I’m doing.

Generally, I try to stay out-of-the-way. If the guys are inside, I build a rock wall outside. If they are outside, I pay bills inside. Today E was inside and Robert was on the deck, so I went up to the woodshed and started to slowly stack the firewood. We are way behind on our firewood supply. Like my garden, the usual chores like firewood have been ignored. This week, Robert split a whole bunch of the rounds which John gave us last October. We are getting on top of things since Roberts arrival.. Thank goodness we were able to find a guy willing to help us out.. He needs the money and we need the extra pair of hands. It’s a win win.

Most of the glass is here for our windows. Six pieces have yet to arrive. I’m hoping they will be on next weeks barge. Craig will install what we have tomorrow. Today, he is making the wood trim to hold in the glass. In the meantime, we have enclosed the living room in plastic as the wind has been pretty chilly in the mornings…

I am like the tortoise on an island of hares but these rabbits never rest. I prefer to work alone, at my own pace.. Eventually, I get the job done. But working along side of my friends just makes me feel useless. Grateful for their help,  I usually step back and try to get out of their way.. But alone, up at the woodshed, at my own pace, without judgement, I had quite

a productive day


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