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To visit soon


If I’m repeating myself, sorry. We are changing our wood stove to a wood stove that has a heating coil to make hot water which will go into a tank beside the stove and then feed into the house hot water system. This was a late addition idea suggested by John…  We have had others along the way. New kitchen cupboards weren’t in the original plan either.

We sold our perfectly good stove to island friends who are upgrading their system. While the stove waited for its new home, it sat on our deck outside the front door. In the time that it sat there, that portion of the deck dropped two inches…Tim and Sue picked the stove up yesterday and we were able to get a good look under the deck…. simply put.. the deck needs to be replaced sooner than later…Nothing more serious than the effects of age and living so close to the water, but it needs to be replaced.

Taking the boards off, I cannot imagine how our friend who built this house did it and lived……tooooo scary.. We are going to rebuild it in a much less daring manner. I don’t even want anyone out there deconstructing.. I want the guys to tie a rope to the boards and pull them up on to the path to safety… 

We have had very few surprises with the house. No rot or anything other than age related issues. But still the house wouldn’t have lasted another twenty years in one piece… all these changes were really necessary to see it through our families life span. 

The house reno is on track and we are pleased with the progress. Barring any more unforeseen additions to the project we will be ready for our new grandbaby 

to visit soon.

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We are a retired couple living on an off grid island on the West Coast

7 thoughts on “To visit soon

  1. When Sal and I built, we jokingly referred to”building to the thirty year rule”. I was 56 at the time and 86 seemed like a long ways off. Fourteen years later, we are replacing some deck boards, redoing a few deck foundations and added considerably to the must-do list. The 30 years is now just 16 and counting down all too rapidly. Life is very good but increasingly short. I have to get on to the must do list while I still can. Weird, eh? And not just a little ghoulish as well. We are now saying things like, “this has to see us out.”
    As one of my 70 year old friends recently observed, “70 is not the new ANYTHING! 70 is bloody 70! Don’t kid yourself!”
    Hello, 86. Surprised to see you so soon”.

    • Exactly… I am still on the thirty year plan. I find propane difficult now.. let alone when I’m eighty. I want this sorted out now! I see no reason to leave cause I’m old if I can address the systems now.

      • We addressed that years ago. Swapped over the heavy BBQ tanks for a 900/1000 pounder. It gets filled by barge once a year. Definitely worth it. Hint: ask the barge people where they want the tank and then run the pipeline from there. Factoid: only 11% of seniors go into old age homes. Presumably the rest just wander off, are put on ice flioes or croak at home.

      • Unfortunately no such service in this area that I know of……

      • Typically, on the islands, if the barge doesn’t service you, some guy in a mini propane truck will. If the ferry has a dangerous cargo day, then that’s how you find the service – ask the ferry crew. Our island does not have a ferry. For us, it is the barge. I love those guys. They really provide a great service.

      • yah, no ferry, no barge.. not an option… but we cope.. by upping our solar power and reducing propane need… all the islands are soooo different!! even on one island, every house is so different.. we all have to cope with our property and island limitations… but at the end of the day its all good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Absolutely. If I had to carry tanks. I would. If I had to forage and grub, I would. If I had to go without, I would. Why? Because it’s worth it. Fortunately, we made some efforts early on and its paying off. We are well taken care of. Comfortable. Still, age encroaches. And so we continue to make adjustments. Part of the fun, eh?

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