See our progress

I know I have complained before about town days. But good Lord they never get easier..We as a group, on this island, would probably unanimously agree on little else but our hatred for the trek into town for supplies.

E and I try to limit our trips to every ten days minimum, three weeks in the winter. We are able to do this with our friends grabbing the occasional jug of milk and loaf of bread when they go to town. Unfortunately, the reno requires construction supplies and this island has none.

We had a sixteen stop day today. We needed new stove pipe for the fireplace, plumbing, electrical and paint supplies. There was roofing felt, grout, mortar and glazing tape. Groceries, liquor store and the chandlery. The list was endless…. sorry to bore you.. I’m venting…

One of the stops we made was to address my weakness for our birds. I was out of birdseed. So we stopped and bought 45 pounds of various seed. I also grabbed a big bag of peanut.  I long ago accepted the fact that no matter what I do, the squirrels will eat my bird seed. So now I buy them their own food. Peanuts, for their own feeder.

We took the long route to town today so we could get a picture of the house from the water. So pleased we did.. it was really fun to see our progress.

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