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Have a roof


We have had the most unholy of messes on this property since the shingles came off and the burning of debris was banned. There is nothing I can do about the burnable debris, yet, but the garbage, I wanted it gone. We took four truck loads of it off last week but there was still a ton left. I  loaded every last piece of it up into our two trucks in anticipation of today’s barge. The barge was somewhat delayed but got here around 5:30 with the glass for our windows.

The glass is a gorgeous product. It’s called low E and apparently will keep us cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. I’ll let you know how it works.

 It was a great day! Craig and Robert were here at 645 today and work didn’t stop til 6. There was roofing and cleanup and of course the barge… We take lots of short breaks with pots of coffee and jugs of water and cookies and sandwiches…But by and large these guys eat standing up and spend very little time with idle chat. E and I aren’t quite as disciplined but we try to keep up…  At  the end of the day the property is positively in the basic realm of kind of tidy and…… wait for it………. we 

have a roof!

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We are a retired couple living on an off grid island on the West Coast

13 thoughts on “Have a roof

  1. Congratulations😀Awesome roof!

  2. beautiful. beautiful. beautiful.

  3. Funny how that works, eh? Work like a pig and wonder why you are doing it and then, a few days later, you have something as mundane as a metal roof and yet it looks like art. It looks more than a roof, it is a splendor, a masterpiece. And it is then that it all settles in as so deeply satisfying……who knew…?
    City folk would complain….”Well, finally the roof! Finally! And there’s all this mess and my hairdryer still does’t work! We are certainly NOT getting ripped off by these crooks. Hold back the 20% until the hairdryer works!!”
    That attitude changes when you are the one responsible for the roof and the electricity. Right?
    Good on ya, MP.

    • Thanks… it certainly helps to “have a guy” we can trust for the tasks we can’t do… E is great on systems, problem solving, wiring, gas etc. But intricate carpentry is beyond us.. thank goodness we have a guy……

  4. Now that is one of the cleanest roof lines I’ve seen!
    Very nice.

  5. Yippee! None too soon with rain predicted in 2 days. What a total reformation of your home!

  6. Hi E and M

    Your roof looks great. We’ll come and see it in the next while. We currently have guests from England for a week.


  7. Yahoo!

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