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will be awesome


Whew, again we fall into bed exhausted. Countless trips up and down our hill carrying roofing. E’s shirt was soaked with sweat before 8 am…. I pitched in, but again, carry half the load he does. Craig and Robert carried the rest of burden and believe me.. The three of them are worth their weight in gold. 32 degree heat on our roof this week and some days,  like today they put in ten hours.

Our roof is not a simple project by any stretch of the imagination. The three separate roofs had to appear to join seemlesssly and that was no small task. I suspect Craig had a few sleepless nights trying to figure out how to make it work. But his efforts paid off and he was rewarded for all of his prep work today when the actual installation of the tin roof went without a hitch.

The guys started at seven am. Ian (sometimes me) carrying the sheets down the hill and lifting them onto the roof. Robert cut and installed all of the black felt, Craig installed the metal sheets and supervised us all. 

We have made huge progress in the last few days and it’s all coming together at once. The kitchen is almost complete, the roof needs one more day and the window glass arrives tomorrow…Even the stove is “almost” up and running. It won’t be long now til I am in my chair, in front of the fire surrounded by windows with a book in my hand. It 

will be awesome

Author: Off Grid Islanders

We are living on an off grid island

4 thoughts on “will be awesome

  1. It will be awesome and you will be so proud of your accomplishment – all of you!


  2. It will be awesome and you will be so proud of your accomplishment – all of you!


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