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Has greatly improved


We are home and back to work. Apparently the roof can’t come off or be put back on without posts and beams. So here is the post and beam update. 

Ours posts and beams have come from trees milled on the island. Big beautiful core cuts of fir came on two trailer loads on the weekend. We have been prepping them all week.  

For the initial sanding, E ran down the board with the belt sander and I followed behind him with the orbital sander. Then we coated them in a mixture of linseed oil and paint thinner. The ends were then coated with a thin layer of paint…. 

The next day Craig came to cut and shape the posts. When he was done we resanded them and finished with another coat of the linseed oil mixture.  We also turned our sanding skills onto the lintils and 36 foot beam. They are waiting for Craig to cut them into their final forms before they get their final sanding…

The posts which are all ready for the house will be installed soon. Craig made 100 hinges, which E drilled holes into and painted ready to hold the posts to our house… ugh.. sanding is dirty time consuming work but quite therapeutic once you get into the rythym. It’s rewarding to see the patterns in the wood grain reveal themselves.

In preparation for the beginning of the wall construction we had to take what was left of our walls down. The weather looks to be pretty warm and dry in the coming days so this is the big push to move forward with the getting of the roof off and on..By taking the walls down we finally have a really good grasp on the size of the living room we will have and the accompanying view.

Sure, I’m going to have to hang plastic up again tonight to keep the critters out but for a few hours today, with the breeze blowing and the sun shining, it was glorious. It’s been a long miserable winter and spring but now that the sun is out and we are making a little progress on the house reno my mood

 has greatly improved

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  1. Are you using green timber for your posts or kiln dried? I am curious because I have heard green wood tends to shrink over time. I am considering building a barn shop this summer, and I am looking into material. I am weighing out the advantages to green vs kiln dried wood. You may have already covered this in another post, sorry if I missed it.

    • Without the benefit of a kiln or the time to cut the trees and wait a few years we are using green lumber, cut at the last minute and attached together tight quickly to prevent turning. Theoretically it will all shrink together….. the guys who have built on the island assure me it will all be fine :)……..

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